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Heading forward!

16. 01. 2013 @ 17:05

Do not lose yourself in set goals! The goals are set at the beginning of the season! When in the course of events, the only right way is to remain in the present! Complete focus at the right moment. Only this way you can be fast on the track! I think it's the same in life.

If this focus is disrupted, mistakes happen! Mistakes are unpredictable at high speeds, so the best prevention is to stay focused!

The season is long and mistakes or lack of concentration for the goals that I have set, are not allowed.

Tempo is brutal, but I think that the hardest part is behind me! There will never be more difficult switch, as it was from St. Anton to night slalom in Flachau! There is usually more time to prepare for the race! This time it was not.

Joy in St. Anton after winning the Super-G was indescribable! I was trembling when I took the lead an watching the monitor for other potential winners that were to start. Recognizing that I won, I almost felt like crying! I really wanted this victory!

Convinced that I rank among the most versatile elite, I did it! My motto was excellent: cool head, hot legs! And I will carry it in me until the end of the season!

In the photo with Janica and Anja after second victory in Sölden. Probably my favorite picture ( thanks girls, most beautiful memories ) Now we are together CLUB 5!

Sit down - A, they would say in our school! :)

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