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WIN Energy Drink

15. 12. 2015 @ 19:07
WIN Energy Drink

I do not want to mislead you, that you become a winner with a sip of energy drink. But I do want to nurture my awareness of the sport. I want to spread it for years to come.

At the invitation of the company VAMA Trade from Nova Gorica, I was initially skeptical, if an energy drink is the right thing, with which I can relate to. Then I started to look at things more broadly.

As an athlete I have rarely enjoyed energy drinks. I only consumed it a few times just before the start sot that I felt more ''speeded up''. And it helped me. But I was not my rule. Many racers regularly enjoyed energy drink, but I was not one of them. They often served the trainers more, who had to drive an endless distance to the next event are after long days of competitions and races, where I could be sleeping. At such times, these drinks really played a prominent role.

I myself have long resisted even coffee. I first started drinking coffee when I was preparing for graduation. Since I am finishing my study and writing a diploma, it looks like I got my energy drink at a right time, to keep me awake.

Sometimes there are important things before us, for which we want to do our very best. We do not want to leave them to any chance, especially on the road, where they can threaten us and others. This is not a drink that will make you a winner. This is an energy drink, that helps you maintain a higher alertness, concentration and active acceptance of the world around you.

But it is also a drink, with which we spread another important message, if you want to be a winner. That is positive energy that we intentionally create even without energy drinks. Wishing others well and believing that we will once be rewarded for that.

Who is a winner?

It`s the one who is convinced that he could not drive from Ljubljana to Piran, but he makes it.
It`s the one who does not feel good about something and does something about it.
It`s one who lacks the courage, but he finds it.
It`s the one who finds the balance of good and bad in himself and accepts it entirely.
It`s the one who decides to step out of his rails and does something unfamiliar.
It`s the one who speaks out the words that he previously could not.
It`s the one who finds its sense and shares it with others.
It`s the one who thinks good and wishes good to others.
It`s the one who sings, dances and still looks at the world naively even in his fifties.

There are many of us and many of us won. It is true that sport is probably the only measurable thing that shows personal reality at a given moment in front of a wider crowd. When we talk about results in sport there is no doubt whether you won or not. There are no excuses, embellishments, variables. The time, length and speed are measurable, while the feelings are not.


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