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19. 10. 2015 @ 13:01

Many times I like to repeat and remind myself of the importance of balance in our bodies and lives. I believe that we all have a feminine and masculine side within us, you just have to identify one or the other. By feminine I mean compassionate, warm mother`s side and by masculine, I mean the strength and steadiness of the father`s side. Sport is mostly measured in power, speed, ingenuity, and there are very few sports where feminine qualities ( warmth, tenderness, sensitivity ) are measured, assessed and rewarded.

This demands that we become increasingly similar to the men, because they are physically stronger by nature. Consciously or unconsciously, we are working on a male approach and also look up to them. In recent years, the best comment for me, was that I trained, behaved and functioned as a men.

If so, I knew that the result will not be bad. Or it will even be excellent.

But my feminine side has always resisted and felt neglected, reminding about herself, and I was "telling" her to wait, that it is not yet time.

Initially, she complained and was dissapointed and accepted this marginalization. Then, for some time, she went completely lost. In the last years, she started to play with me. She was no longer willing to be silent and unexpressed.

To me, these were the signs, that my body is not in the right balance. It is not surprising, that the left turn always gave me trouble and I did not feel the strenght in the left leg as I did in the right. It is not surprising that the pain was always present on the left half of the body. And no wonder that I'm looking for that balance, because I want to feel good.

Therefore, if you ever see me cry, do not panic because this is a good sign. There is still a bit of femininity in me! :)))

Therefore, this time exclusively, thanks to all the women in my life ... my mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and friends.


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