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Greetings all!

30. 09. 2015 @ 12:12

For those who have not attended hereby My greeting at a meeting at the festival "Gusti di Frontiera"

Greetings all,

we are gathered here once again to welcome the success of Team to aMaze.

What we have done or achieved, we probably do not need to repeat ... What consequences this left on our work on ourselves and on the surrounding area, who tracked how to make the impossible possible, time will tell.

Little time has passed, since we have completed one chapter, but we have already experienced a lot of emptiness.

To really address how very difficult it was at times, there will still be a lot of words and tears ( at least on my part ), but successes have been achieved, the evidence on the table.

Even the most sensitive, so fragile, so closed and fearing person to whom everything seems impossible and too big, may become untouchable, strong, brave, and impossible to become so small that it is almost no longer recognizable. Such behavior seemed quite normal for male athletes, ( ... ) In my view, however, this nature is not intended for females. In particular, those which are more fragile. We were not created for war and constant attacks, we are created for warmth, emotion and love. All these conflicts of personality, all approaches all dilemmas, etc. etc. but ...

There is evidence of what can a GOOD TEAM of DEDICATED PROFESSIONALS achieve, the will of the individual, something - or better - a lot of madness and people who adopt and support a NEW PATH full of unknowns. THANK YOU again from the heart.

Today we are gathered to toast the story and Team aMaze, to add new pieces of the puzzle. The idea of ​​the house was born from a desire for closer contact and accessing everyday people who are tracking skiing or not. We wanted to open the door and this time also show our more relaxed side to a broader crowd, to provide an insight into the most important moments of Team to aMaze, while creating a new team that will impress you in an ambiental and culinary terms. We support a CONSTRUCTIVE and positive debate. We throw the negatives out ourselves! And if this will be me sometimes, please throw me out. In short, the place is there for everybody to have a good time.

So thanks goes to everyone in the company Adria, professionals, architects for the exceptional work, our loyal partners of this event, Milka, Stoeckli and Zlatarna Celje, Klavčič butcher's shop, Restaurant Al Sabotino, Bar Urška, all winemakers from Brda Gradisciuta - Sinefinis, Caccese and Figel and Pivovarna Laško.

Our desire is to spread our story with TEAM TO AMAZE HOUSE, with good food and drink, to continue to meet the people who inspire us all over the world, but we need to win on home turf for starters.

Where will this lead us in the future,will soon be clear, that is why we have now restricted access to our beautiful little house only for the duration of the event.

I wish US a pleasant meeting and "Cheers!"

Your Team to aMaze

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