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06. 02. 2014 @ 13:01

I wanted to reach my feelings from Kranjska Gora before I arrived at the Olympic Games in Sochi. If I have previously felt disappointment and disapproval from the crowd when I finished less than tenth, this time it was completely different.

No matter whether I was first, second or eighteenth, people wished me well. But not in the sports way, but trough personal one. I had a feeling that people do not even care about the sport. All they care about is that they see me happy.

And it almost puts me to tears when I feel such genuine love.
The results really are not everything in life, but it is nice if they are there.

It is not accidental that it says I FEEL SLOVENIA.

My head was already here then, where I am now, and there is nothing better than having your head and body in the same place. :)

Thank you for these feelings, which mean more to me than winning.
I will carry them with me forever, especially at the Olympics.

I love you,


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