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Something else!

22. 03. 2013 @ 15:03

At the end of the season I have experienced many beautiful moments with my fans, especially the kids touched me, who just love to take pictures with me and they are so wonderfully spontaneous.

I'm surprised how many young fans gathered at receptions and how we have created a wonderful atmosphere. Since I could not collect enough sports thoughts after the season for a specific blog, I was thinking about a completely different topic for a long time, that would like to share with you.

This topic crosses my mind several times, because, so far only as an observer, watching children who are constantly behind the computer, i Pads, i Phones, etc.. may not be rightly justified. However, it seems that the right place! As long as you sit and do not do anything for a better tomorrow, things will not change!

Therefore, I find my thinking in the benefit of our future generations so true and useful! One part falls on parents when they excessively allow children (at dinner, after school, during breaks, lunch, before bedtime, ...). Playing with their "new toys"! All of these laptops are perceived as a kind of new TV! And if at the end of the day, we calculate how much time they spend there, it can be said that they were stairing in it most of the day! In our childhood times that sounded the same as a total and complete slacker, uninteresting, introverted, and more! And of course, nobody wanted to be that!

Now we have a multitude of children and adolescents, behind this new "TV" - we created atmosphere of communication, which makes it easy to communicate even for the most distant. Many adolescents are covered, hiding from the shock therapy called "face to face"! Boy and girl on Facebook, live, but when they meet on the street, they don`t even know eachother! Children 12 years old! Haloooo?? The world upside down! or not? But this is one side of the coin ...

The second part falls on the school system, which realy early requires tasks, etc.. using a typed font! And again, we have a child hanging behind a computer! And this is only getting worse.

I can understand this works to a certain extent, because everything looks nice and the content much easier to transfer the data to the students! But then again I ask - better for whom? For teachers, for the students? Why choose the easy way? If we know the hard way makes us better and stronger!

As it seems to me it is crucial that the child does not develop fine coordination by typing, but by writing! Therefore I would bann typing texts except for an hour of computing 1x a week.! If this has already happened to the school system, then my thinking is completely founded, but I'm sure that between teachers and students is believed that the computer is the thing.

I think it is not so! The right thing would have to be hand written text! May it be it ugly or beautiful, teachers would have to be thrilled when they got 10 pages of written and not typed text into their hands. I would myself give a higher grade for such an effort! Even better, if the script was nice!

My thinking relates mainly to primary school pupils. It would be nice to see that such an idea would sprung among the students as much as possible, following such style of writing!

I believe that you agree with me to a certain extent agree with me and I would hope that such a belief was very strongly revived among those who give guidance school system!

I know that's not my topic, but looking at the children, who do not even know that this is harmful, I can not stay quiet! For me the most beautiful thing is when I can write a nice verse to people who I love, like aunt Frida. A person is also reflected by the font, depth, significance and purpose of the message!

When we type we're all the same. : (

Greetings to all,

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